Nottinghamshire 15th-31st Oct Thoresby Park

Explore the Kingdom

Get up close and personal with life-size moving and roaring dinosaurs. Kneel before the undisputed king of the Jurassic Era, the ferocious T-rex, walk in the shadows of the dino queens and knights of the royal court – Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Velociraptor and more. Stand in the shadow of an 18m Apatosaurus and discover other creatures such as hatchlings, crocodiles, frogs, spiders and more.

Dinosaurs like you've never seen before

Prepare to be blown away as the future meets the past! Marvel as cutting-edge 3D and AR technology brings ancient history back to life right in front of your eyes. Our leading projection mapping experience will provide a unique insight into some of the most impressive beasts ever to walk the earth and those who navigate the kingdom using the Dino Kingdom app will be rewarded as they discover hidden dinosaurs through their phone screens!

Dino Kingdom Mobile App

Dino Kingdom Discovery
We are excited for you to explore with us and meet all of our dinosaur friends that live in Dino Kingdom. To get the most out of your day please scan the QR codes in the app.

Dino Kingdom Egg Hunt Experience
Five Dino Kingdom virtual eggs are hidden amongst the dinosaurs. Make sure you scan all the QR codes to find all the eggs! Each egg can be used to gain a discount at one of our concessions/activities at Dino Kingdom.

Dino Kingdom AR Experience
To get the full Immersive experience download our Dino Kingdom app and when you’re in the app hold the camera over the image for your AR Experience.

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Immersive experiences you'll never forget

Experience life in our magical kingdom where jesters roam free and costume characters give you the inside scoop on all of the goings in the dinosaur community.

At our excavation sandpit, budding palaeontologists can unearth dinosaur eggs and fossils, volcanoes, giant dinosaur skeleton heads and even a walk-through fossil tunnel.

Lose yourself in the adventure. Dressing in costume encouraged!


Learning through enjoyment

Our life-like offering coupled with a wide range of unique experiences makes for a truly awesome educational and entertaining Dino experience! Children of all ages will be in awe of our animatronic dinosaurs as they blend into the paths, ponds, gardens, woodlands and greenery of the park. There will be prompts to engage with more in-depth information about how dinosaurs lived, millions of years ago throughout the kingdom and through the Dino Kingdom app!

Enthralling activities

It wouldn’t be Dino Kingdom without an array of themed performances and fairground rides for all the family to enjoy! Whether it’s dino dodgems or other traditional fairground activities, there’s plenty to add even more thrills, laughs and smiles to your day.

Feast on delicious food and drink

There will be a selection of delicious street food and drink vendors to keep visitors (and dinosaurs!) fed and watered throughout your journey through the Kingdom, including vegan and gluten-free options.


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