Manchester Wythenshawe Park, 23.07.21 – 08.08.21
Should I bring a raincoat?

The event takes place outdoors, and as the weather in Manchester can be unpredictable, we recommend bringing a rain coat especially if rain is forecast.

Can I bring children’s scooters/bikes/skates?

No. Children’s scooters/skates/bicycles will not be allowed to enter the event, and we do not have facilities for storing these items.



Can I bring my dogs along?

No. Dogs or pets will not be allowed to enter Dino Kingdom except assistance dogs.

How long can I park for?

You can park for up to 3 hours.



Can I bring a stroller/pushchair/buggy?

Yes. However, we do not have facilities for storing them. Dino Kingdom takes place in a grass field with no hard standing paths. The ground is flat, however after excess rain, the conditions are likely to become muddy. Please note that we do not hire out buggies at the event. 



How long does it take to experience the event?

On average visitors spend about 2 hours in our event. Please note that your parking ticket is for up to 3 hours



Will there be food and drinks on sale?

Yes. We offer delicious street food and drinks onsite. 


What should I wear?

Clothes & shoes suited to walking around in a park. Please note, due to the high number of visitors at our events, sometimes the ground may become muddy during or after rain.

Are filming and photography allowed?

Yes, welcome to share your experience on social media! Thank you.