Nottinghamshire 15th-31st Oct Thoresby Park
Do you offer free entry for personal assistant?

A disabled person purchasing a ticket may bring one essential companion free of charge. Please purchase a ticket first and then apply for a personal assistant ticket. To apply for personal assistant tickets, please fill out the application form here. For any further queries around accessibility please email

Personal Assistant Ticket applications need to be received a minimum of 3 working days prior to the date you wish to visit. Each application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.  We aim to respond to all Carer Ticket requests within 24 hours.

Is Dino Kingdom accessible for wheelchair users?

Dino Kingdom is wheelchair accessible. However since it takes place in a grass field with no hard standing paths, after excess rain, the conditions are likely to become muddy. Please note that we do not hire out wheelchairs at the event. For further queries around accessibility please email